The healing benefits of the BioMat are far ranging and include relaxation of muscles and improved circulation. BioMat therapy can help with muscle pain, sprains and spasms, and joint pain and stiffness. By promoting relaxation and improved circulation, the BioMat can also help with stress, insomnia and fatigue, and immune system support.

Far infrared rays are part of the electromagnetic light frequency of sunlight that is not visible to the human eye. These safe and gentle electromagnetic waves expand blood vessels and increase circulation, allowing more oxygen to reach the tissues of the body.

Improved circulation promotes lymph flow around the body, which in turn supports the immune system and helps release toxins stored in tissues.

As infrared light refracts through the amethyst crystal, the superconducting properties of the amethyst turns these rays into long wavelengths capable of safely penetrating the body as deeply as seven inches.

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Professional-size BioMat 7000

  • BioMat Professional Size fits massage tables and is the best choice for your home.  Comes with a Texas Instrument controller, cotton pad and hard shell carry case.  Carry case has 4 all-direction wheels.