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About MeLT


                         Muscle Lymph Therapy (MLT)

MLT is a technique I developed over years of attentively actively investigating where pain and disorder is in a clients body and how to help. 

What works for me has evolved into CONNECTIONS and MeLT.  Connections is a muscle release technique that allows me to pinpoint and release tension throughout the body and get closer to the source of the problem.   Your muscles melt.

MLT is also Manual Lymph Therapy.  17 Years of practicing LDT, I found that releasing muscles with Connections, I could then increase the flow of lymph substantially.   Clearing lymph assists our bodies detox.  MeLT reduces the extra fluid and makes our bodies more healthy. 


       Gay Lacy, LMT Developer of MeLT

My focus is on your health.  My intent is to positively affect your body, mind and spirit.  I care.  I listen.  Using listening techniques I feel what your body wants.  I rely more on what your body tells me than what I think I need to do. 


I palpate, or feel, feedback from your body, which tells me where there is pain or tension, congestion or adhesion.  I facilitate a release and teach you how to also feel it. 


I also believe that improving your health is most effective when done in partnership.  I will always give you the bodywork that your body needs when we are in session, and then I will offer you techniques that you can do at home.  It may be postural instruction, stretches or actual bodywork techniques – all are easy and will help improve your health daily.  

Developer of MeLT


Visceral Manipulation


CranioSacral Therapy

Advanced Reflexology

Raindrop Therapy

Lymph Drainage Therapy


TMJ Release



"Gay Lacy is a gifted healer. Her work is truly "extraordinary"!  Her skilled hands and fingers seem to penetrate my skin and communicate with my tissues on a cellular level.  But the thing that really stands out about her is her presence.  When she is working on me, ALL of her attention is on me.  I feel seen, heard, understood, honored and comforted in her presence.  I always leave knowing that I have been touched on a very deep soul level. Thank you Gay!"

Kristine M


Gay’s recommendations - simple changes in posture and easy stretches helped me begin to take ownership and responsibility for the condition of my body…really for the condition of my life!


"She holds a beautiful space of non-judgment and unconditional love.  She has a natural gift for knowing how to ease the body’s aches and pains.   Her thirst for knowledge, for excellence and for providing the best care possible sets her far apart from most massage therapists.   I highly recommend her and her extraordinary gifts of healing." 

Kathy F.

“Gay has a "sixth sense" or intuition.  Without saying anything she seems to know what I need that day when I go in for my massage.  As a former breast cancer patient I cannot say enough about the importance of her lymph work. She is skilled in many areas of wellness and massage and exudes total acceptance.  I always feel at peace when I am on her table."

Rosemary G.


We educate in small groups. 

Relaxation, Breath, Lymph Care & Essential Oil Workshops

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We teach

Relaxation, Breath, Lymph Care & Essential Oil Workshops

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